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Here is an opportunity for you, If you’re interested in posting topics On our blog, There Are many categories here that we think it can suite Your favourite  niche, HOwever If you have content You will like them to be on this blog.. You can apply for Admin now And got Approved by the Administrator.


Select which category you will like to be posting to, if you will like to be publishing content in more than one category, Just choose Others and List Your categories in the textarea box by seperating them with comma


Please take your time to go trough the form very carefully before You fill it…, Choose a name you will like to Be Using, After filling the form, The email you put down must be correct email, So as for us to send you your passkey You will use to login,

For those who want to get paid while posting topics, 

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MTN data of 100MB + #200 every month

maximum of 4 posts and the minimum of 3 posts par day.

NOte: The data will not be send at d same time, you will first get 60mb and after viewing how serious you are, the remaining 40mb will then be sent to you.

NOte: NOt All application submitted will be approved..


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Thank you… I hope you don have any difficulties while filling the form… If happen, you can let us know via the comment box.