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About Us

Hey!! Welcome to Guruspanel.Com

Here is a special place provided for you, for you to know what you are curios of and more about the Website (guruspanel.com).


This website was developed and designed by [Fadipe Samuel] Nick Name: Youngstallion.., I mean Me myself, I’m a Nigeria and currently Residing in the country, i’m a web developer, web designer, Gadgets technologists (especially Mobile Phones), I love making research on internet when in really curios of something, I love working on the INTERNET a lot and/or anything related, I got exposed to internet during my secondary school days., I started using the internet i was in JSS3, I started as a normal browser, always playing around the net anytime i have access to mobile phone, and i really like download games then. And after some years i stumbled on one mobile website creating platform named WAPKA, i started my web career there.., it was then i started making research on how to create a website because that was when i realize that website is manually created by Human and Not Robots 😛

I created my first web on wapka in 2012, cant really remember the web name and i’m not sire if it’s still existing. And from ther My web career started growing.

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